FAZENDA SÃO JUDAS Espresso / Bahia , Brazil
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FAZENDA SÃO JUDAS Espresso / Bahia , Brazil


¥1,910 税込


FLAVOR PROFILE チョコレート、クリーミィーフルーツ、アーモンド Chocolate, Creamy Fruit, Almond. Region: Piata, Bahia Country: Brazil Altitude: 1250 masl Picked: June-September 2016 Farmer/producer: Antônio Rigno Farm: Sãn Judas Tadeu Varietals: Catuaí Production process: Pulped natural Handpicked, and pulped, before taken to the drying patios. Drying: The drying is done on patios. The coffee beans are spread in layers of about 4 cm and mixed many times a day. 詳しい情報はこちら http://www.fuglencoffee.com/sao-judas-brazil/ 注文確定から2営業日以内に商品を発送致します。 ※土日は営業日に含まれません。 Please contact e-mail below for international orders. fuglen.coffeeroasters@gmail.com